Case Studies

Christie Digital Systems

Enhancing ECM, ERP Integration and Boosting Business Performance

“Shamrock’s services were great value and they stayed on budget, which is not always the case when it comes to professional services. They saved us at least a month in expediting our ImageNow project.” — Renee Dinh, Sr. Application Security Specialist

Christie Digital Systems, a leading provider of visual technology, needed a way to enhance its financial processes through tighter integration between Perceptive Content (ImageNow) and JD Edwards. The company turned to Shamrock Solutions.

Shamrock quickly developed and deployed custom scripts that enhanced data sharing between the two applications, within the ambitious deadline set by the client. In addition, Shamrock designed and published several custom e-forms, which helped speed check requests, capital expenditures and inventory transfer. Shamrock also detected several indexing errors and fixed these, further improving performance.

Focus: Visual technology

Integration: Perceptive Content (formerly ImageNow), JD Edwards

Shamrock services: E-forms design and deployment, custom scripts, server tune-up


Pain Points

  • Integration between Perceptive Content (ImageNow) and ERP system needs to be deeper
  • Needed a very fast professional services turnaround to meet project goals
  • Wanted to deploy e-forms for materials management and financials
  • Servers must be running optimally to help prepare for global ImageNow rollout


  • Custom scripts improve data sharing between ECM and ERP suites
  • Shamrock delivered on promise to meet or beat the deadline
  • Custom e-forms speed inventory transfer, capital expenditure and check requests
  • Found and corrected indexing errors, speeding system performance


Texas Christian University (TCU)

Speeding Admissions Evaluation with e-Forms and Custom Scripts

“Shamrock finished our ImageNow scripting and e-forms in less than a month, which was ahead of schedule. The fact that they had two professional services projects running for us simultaneously and were able to stay organised and responsive with both impressed me.”

Candace Appleton-Kuntz, Director of Admission Information Technology, TCU

Shamrock Solutions’ knowledge of Perceptive Content (formerly ImageNow) and Oracle PeopleSoft enabled the company to design and publish several custom scripts to help meet TCU’s unique needs. One of the scripts empowered Perceptive Content to look in PeopleSoft to see if there are new  test scores pertaining to a student that have not been added to his or her project folder.

If the Perceptive system finds new test scores, an updated class rank or any other new information, it routes the applicant’s file to an “updated” workflow queue, pulls in the updates and then automatically routes the documents back to the assigned counselor’s queue. Shamrock also designed and published custom e-forms that boost information capture and sharing within TCU’s admissions department.

Organization: Texas Christian University

Departments: Admissions, technology services

Integration: Perceptive Content (formerly ImageNow), PeopleSoft

Shamrock services: Custom scripting, e-forms design and deployment, professional services

The Business Pain Points

• Want deeper integration between Perceptive Content and PeopleSoft to improve information sharing

• Need new e-forms functionality to enhance data integrity and further remove manual entry

• E-forms and custom scripting projects must be finished on an aggressive timeline

• Need a cost-effective professional services partnership

Shamrock Solutions

• Custom scripts enable more effective data exchange, removing manual steps and enhancing information sharing

• Updated e-forms eliminate risk of comment deletion, add time and date stamp and improve data capture

• Completed custom scripting and e-forms design and deployment within one month

• Shamrock stayed on budget at an affordable price point



Improving Business Processes, Upgrading Perceptive Software Systems and Increasing Server Performance

“Shamrock revitalised our Perceptive Software test environment and upgraded us from ImageNow 6.4 to 6.6 without a hitch. The company delivered on all its promises, and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone needing professional services for their Perceptive project.”

William Montefusco, IT/IS Project Manager

Amerilife, a leading insurance provider based in Florida, USA, needed to fast track the upgrade of its Perceptive Content (formerly ImageNow) system, from version 6.4 to 6.6. The company chose Shamrock Solutions to make this happen.

In addition to improving Amerilife’s test environment and quickly migrating between versions, Shamrock performed a server tune up that increased application speed, in turn enhancing expediting processes and customer service. Both the projects were completed on time and within budget.

Focus: Insurance provider

Departments: Licensing, customer service and new business processing

Shamrock services: Custom scripts, ImageNow upgrade and test environment improvements, server tune-up

Integration: Perceptive Software Content and multiple systems of record, including IBM AS400

The Business Pain Points
• Data is not always clean or accurate, preventing seamless integration between Perceptive system and third party applications
• Need to improve test environment and upgrade Perceptive Software Content (ImageNow)
• Servers that run Perceptive system not running at optimal levels, slowing performance
• Need an IT professional services partner that can meet aggressive deadlines and keep costs down

Shamrock Solutions
• Custom scripts enable hands-free transfer of accurate data between system
• Revitalized the test environment and rapidly upgraded Perceptive solution
• Server tuneup increased application speed, in turn enhancing business processes and customer service

• Shamrock met the deadline and stayed within budget


Ledcor Group

More Efficiently Processing AP Transactions

“Shamrock’s web services solution deepens the integration between Perceptive Content and JD Edwards and
saves us a lot of time and effort day to day.”
— Gordon Bone, Manager of Business Intelligence Solutions

Ledcor uses Perceptive Content (formerly ImageNow) to manage documents relating to accounts payable transactions. When it came time to make modifications to this system, the IS team needed a third-party consultant to help, and they turned to Shamrock Solutions.

The e-forms customization project comprised two main parts. The first focused on enhancing integration between Perceptive Content and their ERP system, JD Edwards. The second focus area was eliminating the redundant effort that resulted from duplicate invoices entering the Perceptive Content repository.

“I recommend Shamrock for ImageNow consulting because they’ve worked hard to understand our customized environment and know how to help us improve it,” said Gordon Bone, Ledcor’s manager of business intelligence solutions. “We also like how cost-effective Shamrock’s solutions are and that when we need to contact them, we get right through to the person who will be working on the project.”

Organization: Ledcor Group

Integration: Perceptive Content (ImageNow) + JD Edwards

Project Focus: Accounts payable

Shamrock Services: E-forms integration, web services + scripting


Pain Points

  • Redundant data-entry effort to get transaction information out of JDE and into Perceptive Content
  • Duplicate invoices in Perceptive Content lead to wasted user effort
  • Need to complete Perceptive-focused projects quickly
  • Day-to-day production issues in Perceptive Content


  • Users can look up information in JDE and make this usable from within Perceptive Content
  • Script automatically identifies duplicate invoices
  • Rapid project completion helps Ledcor’s IS team meet its goals
  • Fast issue resolution ensures business continuity


Red Coats Inc.

Open Communication, Well-Organized Project Management

“We’ve been working with Shamrock Solutions for all of our ImageNow professional services needs for
several years now and couldn’t be happier.” — Ryan Hoagland, Director of Information Technology

One of the requirements Red Coats had for its Perceptive Content (ImageNow) upgrade project was a rapid turnaround so that users could get up and running with the new content management features without delay. Shamrock used a proven methodology to identify user requirements, time lines and goals, and committed to maintaining open, responsive communication throughout the process — from discovery to testing to deployment.

“The communication with Shamrock has been outstanding,” Ryan Hoagland, Red Coats director of information technology, said. “They’re always quick to reply and make sure we get the answers we need right away.”

Organization: Red Coats Inc.

Client Focus: Janitorial services

Project Focus: Accounts payable

Shamrock Services: Perceptive Content (formerly ImageNow) upgrade, custom iScripting, tune-up


Pain Points

  • Need to update ImageNow 5.4 to the latest version of Perceptive Content to take advantage of new functionality
  • Some vendors don’t communicate well during software updates
  • Need a partner that understands Perceptive Software solutions
  • AP check scripts were out of date


  • Fast upgrade got users up and running sooner than expected
  • Transparent, fast communication helped expedite the project
  • Years of experience enabled Shamrock’s staff to meet the client’s precise needs
  • Successfully transitioned AP check scripts to the latest version