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Shamrock Solutions delivers flexible IT workforce solutions backed by subject matter expertise. Our services enable technology solutions to companies of all sizes and from all industries to achieve critical business objectives and better manage IT spending.

We ensure our clients’ IT projects are directly aligned with business objectives, effectively staffed and successfully executed to drive business performance and results. Shamrock Solutions is divided into 3 separate divisions: ImageNow / Perceptive Content, SharePoint, and Special Ops. More information about each of these services is below and on the subsequent pages.

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Perceptive Software ImageNow®

ImageNow® is the flagship product in Perceptive Software’s industry leading process and content management suite.

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Microsoft SharePoint®

SharePoint® is a Business Collaboration Platform that can be used to centrally manage your organizations documents, records, and Web content.
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Special Ops Team

Not everything can be bought and installed right out of the box. Let us show you how we can work with you to determine a solution that will meet your needs and budget.

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